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Faces of Tomorrow provides medical treatment to an underserved population of children, youth, and adults who might otherwise not receive the benefit of surgical treatments for their cleft lip or cleft palate – thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team and generous help of our supporters, partners and individual donors. Learn more…

Recent News and Updates:

  • Tips for feeding a child with cleft lip Tips for Proper Feeding (Philippines) - Children with cleft palates often have a hard time getting proper nutrition. This video demonstrates proper feeding for babies with cleft palates. It is spoken in the Tagalog language with English subtitles.
  • Bohol 2017 Mission – Diana Rose Returns - We were so happy when Diana Rose showed up at our screening clinic. Last year we repaired her cleft lip and this year she is a candidate for her cleft palate.
  • Senders Wine in the News Dr. Senders and Senders Wines in the News - A wonderful news piece by Good Day Sacramento on Dr. Senders and Senders Wines. Dr. Senders is an FOT Board Member and surgeon on our mission outreach trips. Along with his wife, Karen Senders, they give 100% of the proceeds from their winery to local non profit groups, like Faces of Tomorrow, to help fund surgeries. Watch the Video: Link: Good Day Sacramento Website
  • Amelia White Family Raises Money to Help the Children of FOT - The White Family, with the help of Lularoe Consultant Kelsie Kolter, held a fundraiser which resulted in raising $200 for FOT. The White’s daughter, Amelia, is one of Dr. Rubinstein’s patients here in California.
  • 2017 Mission in Bohol February 2017 Mission - 2017 Faces of Tomorrow Bohol, Philippines: On February 2nd, 2017 the Faces of Tomorrow team embarked on their 10th mission! The team returned to MMG Bohol Cooperative Hospital in Tagbilaran City on the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines. As with every mission, months of logistical planning took place prior to the team’s departure.
  • Bohol 2016 Mission – Rosalyn Part 2 - Come with us as we meet Rosalyn’s family, find out where she lives in rural Bohol, and finally get her back to the hospital to get her ready to change her life!
  • Bohol 2016 Mission – Rosalyn Part 1 - Meet Rosalyn, a 16 year old high school student, who’s life was changed for the better in February through her cleft lip surgery. Come along with us in this video to pick Rosalyn up from school in rural Bohol, Philippines.
  • Bohol 2016 Mission – Dentist - Hear from our 2016 dentist, Dr. Paul Johnson, D.D.S. as he explains his role during our surgical missions. We consider the whole patient and in the regions we visit, dental health is a big part of that.