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Faces of Tomorrow provides medical treatment to an underserved population of children, youth, and adults who might otherwise not receive the benefit of surgical treatments for their cleft lip or cleft palate – thanks to the dedication and commitment of our team and generous help of our supporters, partners and individual donors.

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Recent News and Updates:

  • FOT Team 2016 February 2016 Mission - 2016 Faces of Tomorrow Bohol, Philippines: On February 10th, 2016 our Faces of Tomorrow team embarked on our 10 day mission to MMG Bohol Cooperative Hospital in Bohol, Philippines. Months of logistical planning took place in order to get a medical team and three operating rooms worth of supplies halfway around the world. Faces of Tomorrow is extremely grateful to Senator Nancy Binay’s office and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate General for their help navigating through the paperwork process so that we were able to help the precious children of the Philippines.
  • alyah-story Alyah’s Story - The little twin who was born with a cleft and her life changing story.
  • diana-rose-story The Store of Diana Rose - The little girl that didn’t exist: Abandoned by her parents and raised by her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.
  • 2016-mission-videos 2016 Mission Videos - We’ve compiled a few videos from the 2016 Bohol, Philippines Mission.
  • Abounding-in-Love2 Abounding in Love - Abounding in Love reached out to us in the Fall of 2015 and inquired of how they could help Faces of Tomorrow. Mr. Arlen Van Os had heard of Faces of Tomorrow and wanted to support our upcoming mission to the Philippines. Abounding in Love is a United States non profit organization which also raises funds to help children in the Philippines born with cleft lip and palates. However, Abounding in Love differs from Faces of Tomorrow because they offer the patients ongoing care and assistance is something why FOT is so grateful to have had partnered with them. 
  • Senders Wine Senders Wine With a Cause - A better world needs better wine. That’s why Craig and Karen Senders founded Senders Wines. After years of making wine and working on international surgical outreach, Craig and Karen needed to do more. They now harness artisan winemaking to fund outreaches they and others from around the world work on to repair cleft lips and palates.
  • Bohol We made the front page in Bohol - The Faces of Tomorrow February 2016 Bohol, Phillipines team made the front page of the Bohol newspaper with Bohol Congressman Aris Aumentado and his wife. Faces of Tomorrow had an amazing experience with the people of Bohol and felt truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people.    
  • Diana Rose Before The Girl Who Didn’t Exist – Diana Rose - Amongst all of our amazing patients and their stories there was one little 3 year old girl that stood out, Diana Rose. On our first day of surgeries one of our volunteers noticed a cute little girl as he walked into the hospital. She wasn’t there for our intake day and our teams were getting ready to start the weeks mission. The schedule was full with 53 patients at the time and we had already chosen the children to provide the surgeries for the week. However, Diana Rose’s cousin Ann found one of our media team Chris Nunn, who was one of our “Join Faces of Tomorrow” auction winners at last years charity golf tournament and told him her story.