Our History

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Brian Rubinstein, Faces of Tomorrow is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Davis, CA

Faces of Tomorrow’s mission is to provide medical and surgical services to children with facial deformities around the world. We are culturally responsive and compassionate to the patients, their families, and the communities in which the mission serves.

Faces of Tomorrow utilizes a team of volunteer health professionals and skilled individuals to keep our costs down and devote as much as 90 percent of our donations and funding to our patients.

Because Faces of Tomorrow is small and unencumbered by a large bureaucracy we are able to perform surgeries for about $250 a patient. It is amazing to think that is takes so little to literally transform a life. When you repair a facial deformity you are giving the patient back their life. They are no longer an outcast instead they have the opportunity to lead a full life filled with smiles.

For that special gift we have to thank our supporters and the many companies that donated their products and services to FOT. They are truly our partners on this mission.

Faces of Tomorrow has also been featured in magazines and TV News Media, but the best stories are the ones told by our former patients.

Thank you.