February 2016 Mission

2016 Faces of Tomorrow Bohol, Philippines:

On February 10th, 2016 our Faces of Tomorrow team embarked on our 10 day mission to MMG Bohol Cooperative Hospital in Bohol, Philippines. Months of logistical planning took place in order to get a medical team and three operating rooms worth of supplies halfway around the world. Faces of Tomorrow is extremely grateful to Senator Nancy Binay’s office and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate General for their help navigating through the paperwork process so that we were able to help the precious children of the Philippines.

March 2015 Mission

March 2015 Mission: Legazpi, Philippines

mission2015-1Background: Legazpi, Philippines is a small town that radiates with character. Specifically, the sight of children playing basketball on a makeshift court (repurposed tree stumps acting as the pole on which sagging hoops hung) or Tuk-Tuks (moped taxis) and Jeepneys (bus taxis) that were vividly painted in all colors of the spectrum were but a mere sliver of its personality.

January 2015 Mission

After three airline schedule changes and a fairly turbulent 14+ hour flight, the FOT 2015 team arrived safely in Manila just ahead of Typhoon Amang.

2014 Mission

FOT’s mission to Legazpi City in the Phillipines took place from February 1 – 8, 2014.  In the opinion of Dr. Rubinstein and other seasoned mission veterans, this was our most successful mission yet!

2013 Mission

In 2013 the FOT team journeyed to Quito, Ecuador.  Jeane Larkins accompanied the team after being the highest bidder on “Be A Part of the FOT Team” during the live auction at the annual golf tournament.  Here is her account of the mission in her own words…

When the FOT team journeyed to Quito, Ecuador, I was lucky to be part of their efforts!  My sweet husband had bid on and “purchased” a spot on the trip at the annual FOT golf Tournament fundraiser last Fall as a gift – and what a gift it was!