Patient Stories

The Girl Who Didn’t Exist – Diana Rose

Amongst all of our amazing patients and their stories there was one little 3 year old girl that stood out, Diana Rose. On our first day of surgeries one of our volunteers noticed a cute little girl as he walked into the hospital. She wasn’t there for our intake day and our teams were getting ready to start the weeks mission. The schedule was full with 53 patients at the time and we had already chosen the children to provide the surgeries for the week. However, Diana Rose’s cousin Ann found one of our media team Chris Nunn, who was one of our “Join Faces of Tomorrow” auction winners at last years charity golf tournament and told him her story.

Found In A Tire – Bernard

Hi family and friends- this is a story to be told: we have a patient named Bernard, he is a six years old boy about three feet tall, full of life, loves playing with cell phones, reaching into pockets (trying to help himself) – he’s curious to see the pictures that are being taken of him; we all can’t wait until he sees a photo after surgery. He is an amazing little boy, with a curious nature. We grew to love this little guy in the first few hours of meeting him. He has stolen hearts in so many different ways.

Ella Mae – Tears of Happiness

Ella Mae is a 15-year-old lovely young woman.  Many FOT team members commented on her sweet she was throughout the whole process of triage to surgery to recovery.

She has three siblings, and her favorite thing to do is to help her mother with household chores.  She enjoys school and hopes to become a science teacher someday.

Geneviv – Ready for the World

Before leaving on this mission I was told that I would likely bond with at least one special child … and that turned out to be so true! My special connection was with a 14-year-old girl named Geneviv.

I first saw her during patient screening – a thin girl whose cleft lip was twisted in a way that exposed her front teeth.

Whenever I saw her she kept her head down, avoiding eye contact and even more the camera.

“Junior” Isorena – aka Superman!

Ten-year-old Junior has already seen a great deal of trouble in his young life.  His mother died when he was three months old, and he’s being raised by his maternal grandmother and an aunt.  His older brother by two years suffers from seizures, and his oldest brother died at the age of 14.  Junior’s father is in his life as much as possible, but he’s away from home most of the time working on the family’s rice and sugar cane farm.