White Family Raises Money to Help the Children of FOT

The White Family, with the help of Lularoe Consultant Kelsie Kolter, held a fundraiser which resulted in raising $200 for FOT. The White’s daughter, Amelia, is one of Dr. Rubinstein’s patients here in California.

Here’s more from Amelia’s mom, Kristin:

“My daughter Amelia was born in January of 2016 at Kaiser Vacaville. We had no idea she had a cleft palate and were completely devastated that she would have to have a surgery. Our older daughter does not have a cleft of any kind. I was also so so sad that I could not nurse her. I had nursed my other daughter till she was 14 months old so I naturally assumed I would be doing the same for Amelia. I pumped for 6 weeks for her but wasn’t producing much for her. She wasn’t gaining weight and we were doing daily weight checks for the first month or so. My milk wasn’t fatty enough for her and she wasn’t doing well. Then she started having some breathing issues. Long story short, Dr. Rubinstein told me we had to start using high concentrated formula. He also said that because I wasn’t producing much, that I could go ahead and stop pumping and take that stress off my plate. It was almost instantly that I felt as though I could breath again and tackle the next hurdle that we had. It’s been a whirlwind 14 months but she’s doing well. She’s seen by an OT, PT, Sign Language Teacher, Speech Therapist, plus everyone on the cranialfacial team and all the extra doctors that have been needed. We have received amazing care and couldn’t be happier with the team we have. I have attached a picture of Amelia on her first birthday. We had a super hero theme to celebrate her being our little super hero and making it so far in her short little life. She had brought so much love and joy to our family that we didn’t even know we were missing.
I am so happy that we are able to help in this little way of having a fundraiser. Thank you for being a part of this amazing organization and for all you do.”

Amelia’s parents were so moved by the work that Dr. Rubinstein and FOT does that they wanted to give back. Thank you White Family and Kelsie Kolter!